Comparing Aldi’s butter to Anchor, Country Life, Kerrygold and Lurpak (2023)

Butter is one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen of any chef or home-cook.

The staple has often been overlooked by healthier spreads and margarine, but nothing beats a slice of toast slathered in the real deal.

My London’s Ellen Jenne decided to put the battle of the butters to the test.

Ellen was on the lookout for butter that is 'easily spreadable' with a 'beautifully comforting flavour, silky finish, and a harmonious partner for my toast.’

Here are her findings, as she compared Aldi’s knock-off Beautifully Buttery to Anchor, Country Life, Kerrygold and Lurpak - the bestselling brands of butter across the country.


Comparing Aldi’s butter to Anchor, Country Life, Kerrygold and Lurpak (1)

I started off with Anchor, the staple found in my family’s fridge while I was growing up. The nauseating yellow packaging is recognisable anywhere and everywhere.

Its golden tub was replicated on the inside as I saw the butter gleaming up at me. Spreading it onto my freshly-popped toast, an image of my dad sprung into my mind. That man lathers Anchor butter on bread, on toast, on teacakes, on crumpets - you name it. If you can spread some Anchor goodness on it, he’ll eat it.

Anchor gives my toast a yellowy-golden sheen - not too much, not too little - so I prepare to dig in. There’s a slight tingle of salt that lingers in the background, giving the toast some sort of flavour.

The butter provides a warm, comforting snack, elevating the bland toast to optimum taste levels.

I don’t look for a spread that overpowers a slice of toast, or a bagel, it just needs to transform its usual cardboard flavour. In this case, Anchor supplies a reliable butter I know I can always count on.

Total 4/5

Aldi's Beautifully Buttery

Comparing Aldi’s butter to Anchor, Country Life, Kerrygold and Lurpak (2)

(Video) Choosing Healthy Butter || Margarine vs Cultured vs Pastured vs Regular

Now, Aldi is known for its knock-off alternative, poking fun at the big name brands. I’m surprised they haven’t received a cease and desist letter yet.

I searched around the supermarket’s own version, but the closest I could to an Aldi essential was their Beautifully Buttery, which is also their cheapest at 69p for a 500g tub.

It wasn’t the most appealing to look at I must admit, but you definitely get bang for your buck. Or pennies in this case.

Aldi’s spread was happily pliable, not too dense but not too thin. So far so good - could it really challenge the brands for the buttery crown?

Its coverage was also very decent. You wouldn’t need much to mask your toast, depending on how much butter you prefer, that is.

Regretfully, this was all Aldi seemed to offer. One bite into the toast confirmed everyone’s worst fear… I was horrified to discover Aldi appeared to have misplaced its entire sense of taste. There was no identifiable flavour. Nothing. Nope. Nada.

I’m afraid I can’t hide my disappointment, and with that I have very little else to say.

Total 1/5

Country Life

Comparing Aldi’s butter to Anchor, Country Life, Kerrygold and Lurpak (3)

Country Life isn’t a butter I can ever remember using, I don’t know if this was an indication of what was to come or not. The first thing I noticed was it’s extremely light, almost anaemic colour.

(Video) The Great Butter Showdown | Should you use KerryGold butter | Best butter on Keto

I don’t know if there’s a “correct” colour for butter, but Country Life looked more like whipped cream to me.

While its body was thick and fluffy, and spread wonderfully, it almost covered my toast corner to corner for such a small amount. However this is where the positives began to wane.

Despite having a generous dose of butter on toast, it lacked one key element - its flavour.

Not quite as bland as Aldi, Country Life’s purpose seemed to whittle down to being an addition of texture rather than of taste.

It was unpleasant, it just didn’t make the toast sing. Country Life seems to have found its place amongst the supermarket shelves, not quite at the heights of Anchor and Lurpak, but not bottom shelf.

It’ll sit happily as a middle option, something you’d buy if your go-to choice was out of stock. Again, I wasn’t displeased with Country Life, but I won’t be raring to spread it over my toast anytime soon.

Total 2/5

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Comparing Aldi’s butter to Anchor, Country Life, Kerrygold and Lurpak (5)

Kerrygold is arguably one of Ireland’s most famous exports, apart from Guinness of course. I’ve previously heard musings about the butter before, mainly about how rich and delicious it is. However I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out for myself until now.

I expected big things to say the least. The first thing I noticed was how it didn’t deliver on the “spreadable” front. Despite being in the fridge for the exact same times as the other contestants, Kerrygold solidified making for a difficult spread.

I had to spoon the butter out of the tube with the pointed end of my knife. It wasn’t exactly what I imagined, but I was hoping this little set back didn’t impact the flavour.

I was wrong. Although Kerrygold provided a decent textured butter, it also lacked the capacity to spread nicely.

I dug my knife back into the tub at least another three times before I was satisfied I had enough. What did save it was it’s flavour, which didn’t scream like Anchor or Lurpak, but didn’t disappear like Aldi and Country Life. I was conflicted, mainly because the subtle taste wasn’t enough to save it.

Much like Country Life, Kerrygold served as a prime example of what foundational butter. It wasn’t among the big leagues, but it certainly didn’t deserve to be discredited.

Sadly, I thought it was decidedly underwhelming. I just don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Sorry Ireland, I’ll stick to your Guinness.

Total 3/5


Comparing Aldi’s butter to Anchor, Country Life, Kerrygold and Lurpak (6)

(Video) How Is Margarine Made? (And Why I Stopped Eating It)

As soon as I stuck my knife into Lurpak’s tub I knew this butter meant business. It had the same pale yellow-cream tone as Kerrygold, but didn’t have the former’s rock-solidness. It was almost as if I didn’t need to try and dig out the butter. My knife guided so smoothly I could’ve almost bathed in it.

The packaging really wasn’t kidding when it said “spreadable.” I’m almost certain butter could’ve spread itself if I had willed it enough. Tracing my knife across the toast, Lurpak became weightless and malleable.

With a small amount of butter on the knife, it covered the bread beautifully. I mean, I couldn’t have asked for more.

The salted hit gave through almost immediately, with undoubtedly the strongest flavour of all of the butters. It was delicate, its texture was fluffy, and was a simple joy to eat.

I’d happily lather my toast in Lurpak any day. Although Lurpak makes a mean butter, its price at £2.20 for a mere 250g (it looks a lot less in the flesh) wouldn’t clinch the deal for me.

If I was feeling fancy and wanted to splash out on a fridge staple, then maybe I’d be tempted to buy the brand. I’d just be worried it would be gone so soon.

Total 4/5

The verdict

I think there’s definitely a reason why Aldi makes knock-offs of the leading brands. But sadly the taste just didn't match up this time.

If they could take out the real deal and sell it off for cheap they would probably be onto a winner, but today wasn’t their day.

Lurpak and Anchor are the UK’s best selling butter brands and have been for the past five years, and my test proves the figures right. They’ve managed to strike a fine balance between a delicately salted flavour and the “just right” consistency to spread across a piece of toast.

However, one of the main points I’ll take away from this is my disappointment over Kerrygold’s underwhelming performance. I expected more from them.

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Is Aldi butter as good as Lurpak? ›

Nordpak - Aldi

Taste-wise, Alice said: "It tastes like butter, not quite as strong as Lurpak tastes, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The savoury spread complimented the toast, rather than overpowering it, something I wouldn't have noticed about Lurpak if I hadn't tasted it first."

Which butter is as good as Lurpak? ›

If you're looking for the closest to Lurpak, then Aldi's version wins hands down. However, if you are considering switching to affordable margarine, then Clover — 60p cheaper than Aldi's version — is good value in these tough times.

What is the best Irish butter? ›

Best European-Style Butter: Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter

This blind taste test proved to our Test Kitchen that Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter is worth all the hype. With higher butterfat content than most mass-market butter brands, Kerrygold delivered big time on flavor and texture.

Is Aldi butter any good? ›

Aldi's spread was happily pliable, not too dense but not too thin. So far so good - could it really challenge the brands for the buttery crown? Its coverage was also very decent.

Which is the healthiest butter to buy? ›

If you're looking for the healthiest butter brands, these are six healthy butter brands we recommend.
  • Smart Balance Original Buttery Spread.
  • Earth Balance Pressed Avocado Oil Spread.
  • Carrington Farms Organic Ghee.
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Original Spray.
  • Benecol Buttery Spread (includes plant stanols)
14 Jun 2022

Is Country Life Spreadable real butter? ›

Country Life Butter: Butter; Country Life Salted Butter: Butter, Salt (1.8%); Country Life Spreadable: Butter (50%), Water, Rapeseed Oil (25%), Salt; Country Life Spreadable Lighter: Butter (38%), Rapeseed Oil (25%), Buttermilk, Water, Salt.
Country Life.
Country Life SpreadableTypical values per 100g
8 more rows

What's so special about Lurpak? ›

It is sold in over 75 countries worldwide, and is known for its distinctive silver packaging. Lurpak came into existence in October 1901 after a combination of several Danish dairy farmers decided to create and register a common brand and mark for butter to increase sales.

Is Lurpak butter real butter? ›


We have had an uncompromising approach to making real, quality lactic butter since 1901. Made only with the highest quality ingredients Lurpak® butter has a distinctive, creamy delicate and fresh taste.

Is Anchor butter real butter? ›

Our deliciously creamy Original Block Butter is simply made with milk and salt. It's the perfect butter for cooking and baking! Since our first block was patted into shape over a century ago, we've been churning deliciously creamy butter for generations of butter lovers. Lovingly made in the UK from 100% British milk.

What is the most popular butter in France? ›

Beurres salés – Salted Butter

This is the butter that is most popular when cooking savory dishes. The classic jambon beurre sandwich will use a lightly salted butter. You can buy French salted butter here. What is this?

Who makes Lurpak butter? ›

Lurpak® is produced at the Arla Foods dairy “Holstebro Smør” in the Jutlandian town of Holstebro. Lurpak® is sold worldwide, and is often served in small flight packages onboard airplanes.

What is Aldi butter called? ›

Aldi's spreadable butter is called Nordpak, while Lidl's is Danpak.

Why has Lurpak butter gone up so much? ›

As with almost every other brand across the food and drink spectrum, Lurpak has been hit by food price inflation. Earlier in 2022, Arla - the cooperative that owns the Lurpak brand - said it was “calling time on cheap milk” as a result of increases in production costs for its farmer members.

Why is Lurpak spreadable so expensive? ›

The BBC reports that the butter brand has increased the price of their products to help make sure that dairy farmers receive a "fair deal". Lurpak's owner, Arla Foods, revealed in a recent statement that dairy farmers have been losing money due to the rising cost of fertiliser and fuel.

Which country butter is best? ›

The American fascination with Irish butter may only have been spurred a few decades ago, but love for the Emerald Isle's deep, velvety butter is nothing new.

Is Irish butter the best? ›

Even though the butters can be used interchangeably, Irish butter has a higher fat and lower water count than American butter, so it has a better taste and makes it a better choice for baking.

Is Irish butter healthier than regular butter? ›

The bottom line

Grass-fed butter is a good source of vitamin A and the antioxidant beta carotene. It also has a higher proportion of healthy, unsaturated fats and CLA than regular butter. What's more, it provides vitamin K2, a form of vitamin K that plays an important role in your bone and heart health.

What is the highest quality or best grade of butter? ›

Grade AA is the highest possible grade; Grade AA butter must achieve a numerical score of 93 out of 100 points based on its aroma, flavour, and texture. Salt (if present) must be completely dissolved and thoroughly distributed. Grade A butter is almost as good, with a score of 92 out of 100 points.

What is the best butter to use for high cholesterol? ›

You can help reduce your risk of high cholesterol by substituting foods for regular butter that are lower in saturated fat or have been shown to have less impact on heart disease risk, such as: grass-fed butter. Earth Balance spread, a vegan, soy-free, non-hydrogenated option. avocados.

What spread tastes the most like butter? ›

A Definitive Guide to Butter Spreads That Want to Taste Like Real Butter, But Don't
  • THE ORIGINAL. COUNTRY CROCK. This is the stuff that started it all. ...
  • THE “NATURAL” EARTH BALANCE. The well-intentioned one. ...
11 Jan 2018

What is a good spreadable butter? ›

The winner, Kerrygold's spreadable version, has a natural butter flavor. It's smooth and glossy, and the flavor is just as impressive as the brick version — just extra luxurious! We also loved I Can't Believe It's Not Butter for its unabashedly buttery flavor and its smooth texture.

Where is Country Life butter made? ›

For 50 years Country Life has been made with only the finest quality British milk, sourced exclusively from British dairy farms, and Red Tractor assured.

What is the difference between Lurpak butter and normal butter? ›

Lurpak® Unsalted Butter is made from fresh cream and nothing else. It is Lurpak® in its purest form, and doesn't contain any salt at all. With lower moisture content than most other butters, it is an essential cooking and baking ingredient making it especially helpful when making pastries and puddings.

Is Lurpak high quality? ›

It's high quality butter and I don't buy anything else. It's full of flavour, so it requires less salt. Stuff like anch*r is full of salt, just to give it some taste. Once you get used to a good low salt butter, anything else is blinkin' awful.

Why does Anchor butter taste different? ›

Anchor Organic Butter: Anchor Organic Butter is made only with fresh organic cream and a touch of salt – nothing else is added. The result is a pure and natural butter taste. We then triple churn the butter to make it slightly softer – perfect for spreading, baking and cooking.

Does Anchor butter need to be refrigerated? ›

Wrap in airtight container or cling wrap and store in the refrigerator. Keep out of direct sunlight – as temperature rises, the fats in butter will slowly oxidize and the butter may become rancid. Store butter below 15°F for as long as possible.

What butter do French chefs use? ›

The first thing you notice when you unwrap a block of Bordier butter is its yellow, creamy surface. That — and its silky texture and savory flavor — make it a favorite among French chefs.

What kind of butter did Julia Child use? ›

The butter Julia Child undoubtedly preferred was, of course, French butter. She'd learned virtually everything she knew in France where butter is king. French butter has a nuttiness and a tang that American butter just doesn't. There is a difference in the butterfat content of just 2 percent.

What is the difference between French butter and Irish butter? ›

European butter is typically unsalted and cultured, whereas Irish butter is often salted and uncultured. The bright yellow hue is a hallmark of pure Irish butter.

What is the most popular brand of butter? ›

Land Lakes

Who makes Anchor butter? ›

The Anchor brand is owned by Fonterra, a global dairy co-operative with deep roots in New Zealand that collects 22 billion liters of milk annually. Anchor Butter is extraordinary in quality and loved by chefs and consumers everywhere.

Is Lurpak spreadable pure butter? ›

To create Lurpak® Spreadable, we blend pure Lurpak® butter with rapeseed oil making it spreadable straight from the fridge. Try it on your favourite fresh bread and top with whatever you fancy.

Has Lurpak butter changed? ›

It has changed from a much paler colour to a yellow and is not as solid as previously, I don't like it. The recipes for all butters have changed 2-3 years ago. Don't know what or why but much softer and I cannot seem to make clarified butter without it boiling over and burning.

Where does Lurpak butter come from? ›

Lurpak is made in Denmark from Danish milk but UK members of the Arla co-operative benefit from sales of the product here in the UK.

Should Lurpak spreadable be kept in the fridge? ›

It could be that your fridge is too cold. To ensure optimum spreadability we recommend that your butter is stored at around 5 degrees.

Is there plastic in Lurpak? ›

The box is now recyclable because Arla has reduced the plastic layer in the box. This means the box meets the paper recycling limits and contains up to 95% paper.

What is the best selling butter in the UK? ›

Lurpak and Anchor are the UK's best selling butter brands and have been for the past five years, and my test proves the figures right. They've managed to strike a fine balance between a delicately salted flavour and the “just right” consistency to spread across a piece of toast.

What percentage of butter is Lurpak? ›

Blended Spread 78% (52% milk fat & 26% rapeseed oil). Genuine excellence and mouthwatering flavour don't just come out of nowhere, and Lurpak® has had an uncompromising approach to making real, quality butter since 1901.

Can you freeze Lurpak butter? ›

Lurpak is probably one of the most popular of all spreadable butter products out there. The good news is that, yes you can. You don't even need to take our word for it. Just check out the packaging of your Lurpak, and you'll see it states it's suitable for home freezing.

Is Lidl Danpak like Lurpak? ›

Danpak - Lidl

It actually looked and spread on the toast like Lurpak did, so I initially thought we were on to a really good supermarket alternative here at first. But I was soon disappointed as it was not as tasty at all. I felt that it lacked any kind of flavour at all.

What is the best quality butter in UK? ›

Lurpak and Anchor are the UK's best selling butter brands and have been for the past five years, and my test proves the figures right. They've managed to strike a fine balance between a delicately salted flavour and the “just right” consistency to spread across a piece of toast.

Is Danpak like Lurpak? ›

Danpak, Lidl

This spread is very similar to Lurpak in terms of taste but seems a bit more watery, a bit greasier. Considering it's the same price as the Aldi alternative, I'd definitely choose the Aldi version over the Lidl version.

Why does Lurpak taste different? ›

Lactic cultures are added, giving a fresh and slightly aromatic note with the unmistakable creaminess that creates the characteristic Lurpak® flavour. That's it. Nothing more is added, apart from a pinch of salt to our Slightly Salted varieties of butter.

Is Lurpak real butter? ›

Blended Spread 78% (52% milk fat & 26% rapeseed oil). Genuine excellence and mouthwatering flavour don't just come out of nowhere, and Lurpak® has had an uncompromising approach to making real, quality butter since 1901.

Is anchor a good butter? ›

What is this? Taste: Anchor butter has a distinct flavor which is hard to describe – kind of tangy like the Organic Valley Pasture Butter, but a bit different. It has a good amount of salt. It's also very soft, presumably because it is triple churned.

Why is Lurpak not spreadable? ›

It may be that your fridge is too cold. To ensure optimum spreadability, we recommend that you store your Lurpak butter at around 5 degrees!

Is Tesco Butterpak like Lurpak? ›

As good as Lurpak!

What is the best tasting butter spread? ›

Best Butter Brands Taste Test
  • Horizon Organic (44¢ an ounce) Roman Tiraspolsky/Shutterstock. ...
  • Organic Valley Cultured Butter (44¢ an ounce) Organic Valley. ...
  • Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter (45¢ an ounce) ...
  • Land O'Lakes (37¢ an ounce) ...
  • Whole Foods 365 (28¢ an ounce) ...
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (25¢ an ounce)
23 Jun 2022


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