Evanston Appliance Repair & Maintenance | Unique Repair Services (2023)

Marge Feld

Checked out temp of microwave & explained operation of board- timer,etcI mentioned that my ice cube maker made grinding noice & when checking it the ice bucket was frozen. I will need to set up service call for that problem.

Brent Handtke

Dustin (their lead Samsung tech) has always been awesome. We have had him out 3 different times and each time he was able to quickly locate the issue we were having and ended up getting us full replacements. This man knows his stuff.

Veronica Gutierrez

Miguel was fast and very professional! Fix my washer and told me the problem. Thanks!!

Adel Bekhiet

Very professional, pay lots of attention to details and know what they are doing.

Audrey Green

Rep was on time, was kind, knowledgeable and helpful. He also pointed out additional features and how to use them

Brad Norrish

Excellent, quick service, and very professional. Very helpful explaining all possible options for service. Would definitely recommend Dustin

Alexandria Pena

Joel and Robert both very professional and took care of the needed repairs in a timely manner. All of my questions were answered and when they were finished explained to me what was all done. I'm satisfied with the results of the repairs.

Joe Evans

On time, very courtious and professional, informative.

Jodi Gulotta

Repaired my Samsung Dryer. It broke on a Sunday and I had it serviced by Wednesday. They arrived on time and I had great communication through the whole process. I would use them again for repairs.

Chris S

Brandon the technician was great. Came early and had the job completed quickly. The company on the other hand has policies which make no sense and use these policies to try to and up sell. A bit of common sense would be greatly appreciated. Again the technician was excellent.

sara helgerson

Ice maker repair

Bobby Greer

Landon was very knowledgeable of what he was doing and he's a nice bright young man that he was very respectful

Andres Mendez

Courtesy txts to let me know they were arriving. Quick diagnostic of problem and professional repair. Thanks!

Lisa Hinton

Miguel and Horace were very professional and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with their services.

(Video) Miele Repair, Evanston, IL, (847) 871-9669

david carrender

Chris Davenport was very professional and fast at what he does would definitely recommend his service to everyone that asks about a service Technician!

Ronna Pannell

Heating element out of a 6 week old dryer.

Phil Biwer

Very knowledgeable, nice to work with!

Fixed ice maker did not take long. Did fantastic job. Dustin was very friendly and explained everything he was doing.


Sir was very professional and gave me more helpful information about this appliance.

Michaei Silva

They were quick and very neat.

Brad Peddycord

Was out within two days of call. Kept us posted and you could even track when they would be arriving. Shane, our technician , was outstanding. Would definitely use them again.

Colin Kavanaugh

Brandon did a fantastic job diagnosing and repairing my Samsung refrigerator that was having issues dispensing water and ice. He was very professional throughout the entire process. He even shared many tips and tricks for common issues with the refridgerator that already has proven useful. Highly recommend this company and service technician.

John Muller

Good service

Michael Shaw

Chris did an amazing job and knew exactly what he was doing. I would highly recommend for anyone needing appliance repair.

Virgil Barnett

Ice maker problems

Mike Brundidge

The tech explained what was wrong and what he was doing to fix it. Overall good experience.

Anna Novotny

The ice maker on our refrigerator was not working. The technician, Jose, came out to look at it and determined what needed to be fixed. He ordered the parts and was back to fix it. Jose was on time, professional, polite and knowledgeable. Everything you would want from a professional repair man. Based off of my experience with Jose, I would recommend Unique Repair Services to anyone.

roohinton marolia

Tech showed up on time and was professional and knew what he was doing

Patricia Rodriguez

I recently had my appliance serviced by Miguel O. of Unique Repair Service. Miguel was very knowledgeable and professional. He was able to quickly diagnose the problem and provide an effective solution. He was also very friendly and his work was completed quickly. I would highly recommend Unique Repair Service to anyone who needs service on their appliances. Thank you Miguel O. for the great customer service!!

(Video) Reliable Appliance Repair Services Chicago, IL (773) 419-6718

Yolanda Lumbreras

Dryer repair service was great. Very Punctual and professional great communication with customer .

Carrie Martin

James went up and beyond. He was there for an oven repair but took a look at some concerns I had with my Samsung dishwasher. Explained everything thoroughly and is very courteous.

KLM Kornafel

Good tech and problem resolved. Pricing for labor was too high.

Melisa Quinones

Nathan was excellent; quick; professional; responsive.

Loretta fromWI

Excellent service prompt and professional

Tanya Lewis

Received new refrigerator and delivery guys couldn't stop it from alarming. Since the model was discontinued I reluctantly took a chance and didn't refuse the delivery, opting for a repair. My tech was Frankie, he was polite, friendly, but most importantly very knowledgeable. He proficiently diagnosed the reason for the alarm and ordered the part. He was accurate in the time-frame to get the part in, return to install it, and the length of time he'd need to do the repair. He even gave me pointers on caring for my new fridge and what to expect with additional appliance delivery. He was an awesome technician and made the whole experience not so bad. Thank you.

Carolyn Coleman

I have a smart stove and I was worried about a noises. I called Samsung 800# and booking/schedule was a plus plus. Can’t say enough about Miguel & the other young man that repaired my oven. Thanks for resolving my issue while staying true to professionalism at its best. Love this service.

Heather Maclean

Promt service and a very professional nice technician!

Peggy Klein

Quick..clean and he knew what he was doing!!

Stephen Anderson

Shane C Was On Time Didn’t Take long to fix the problem & Was very professional

JoAnn Allen

Today Miguel and Dustin did an amazing job. I have my range back. If a problem arises I was inform to call. Thank you

Greg Pawelec

Nate you very helpful and professional.

Ivorena Taylor

He was very knowledgeable, explained everything that he was doing to my ice maker and checked the overall function of my entire fridge before he left. Would definitely use this company again.

vera taylor

(Video) How to Fix Banging Pipes / Water Hammer

The technicians (Miguel and Dustin) were on time, courteous and conscious of wearing disposable footwear. Totally knowledgeable about their products. It did not take them long to identify the issue and get it resolved. I appreciate Unique Repair for taking my service call and providing all the product information to me about my Frigidaire appliances. Be Well!

Alejandro Aixala

Excellent work. Finished the job very quickly and provided good advice on ways to make sure issues didn't recur.

Geoff Shein

Great people. Great service

Lynell Williams

My husband and I was happy and relieved when we were told the problem and given options as to what we could do. No pressure one way or the other.

Timothy Hinkley

Robert was very informative during the repair process. Friendly, professional and thorough

brokeboy 2000

Our washing machine was on the fritz, we didnt know why, Miguel the tech explained the heck was going on and even showed us what had broken long story short we are getting a new washer, Miguel was the best

ryan kauffman

Nathan was fast, courteous, friendly, and very knowledgeable!

Prince Rakeem

Great service by Miguel O. Had my fridge up and running in less than an hour will highly recommend and will use them in the future

Keith Cameron

Shane was awesome. He took the time to explaining the problem and the fix. He also went out of his way to explain features of the washer and dryer while here


Miguel did a great job and very helpful

pt pt

Shane was professional, efficient, affordable and quick. He diagnosed, and fixed our dryer the same day. We were back to soft towels that evening. We would recommend and use this company again. Thanks@Shane!

Geraldine Brunetti

Ivan was very professional and got the job done!

Josh Condon

The technician Donald came out quickly to repair my oven. He knew exactly what was wrong, fixed it very quickly, and was incredibly friendly. This was a top tier service call. 10/10 would recommend using this company to anyone.

James McFarland

Shane was great!

Estelle Agena

(Video) DeLonghi ULKA Water Pump - Repair | DeLonghi ECAM Magnifica S

Miguel was great. He was on time, really efficient, thorough, and kind. He took the time to explain the issue and how he fixed it and even gave us tips on things that may be future issues that we could keep an eye on. I would definitely call them, again.

Paulette Aaknes

Very nice and new his job. Very helpful at explaining things to me and how to get the bottom shelf out. Will definitely recommend this company. Very pleased.

Dana Dewey

Shane was extremely kind, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. He went above and beyond when repairing our washer.

Al Graz

Nate C. was awesome. One hour early and done in less than a half hour. Very tighty when he left. Also very friendly. Definitely call this company again

Bob S

On time. Great communication and scheduling. Tech very neat, thorough and knowledgeable.

Kris Scoma-Galbreath

Frankie was polite, efficient, and on time. Thank you!

michelle robinson

Landon the technician that performed the job on our refrigerator was awesome. Very knowledgeable, professional and nice.

Donna Pierce

Logan was very personal and knowledgeable about his job. I loved the app tracking when he would be at my house. Logan took his time fixing my dishwasher he didn't rush to get to the next appointment. He also educated me on care of my dishwasher to extend the life of it. I will use the service again if God forbid I need them again. Thank you foe excellent service with a smile. Donna Pierce

Itzel Jasso

Very nice, professional. And I liked how he gave me advice on how to fix a couple things with my dryer and washer and how to keep up with it

Eric R

Very friendly and professional. Thorough with the repair yet very efficient with the time spent.

Sandra Lopez

Shane was very knowledgeable about Samsung's policies and explained them thoroughly until I understood. He had a neat appearance and was very polite.

Olga Lydia Vidal

Miguel was very professional and knowledgeable with our Samsung Fridge. He thoroughly explained what was going on with our ice maker etc. I wish all the Service Techs were as cordial as Miguel!

Scotty D

Shane was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very helpful too. He was quickly able to diagnose, explain, and fix the problem. He also gave recommendations and helped me setup Wi-Fi capabilities.

Tanya Sacks

Oven code pop up on screen. I was unable to cook food in oven . Miguel was able to fixed oven . Fast and professional services.

Mel Smothers

(Video) Appliance Repair Chicago 773-270-8177

Technician Shane was professional and fast.


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